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No matter what your past is, or where you’ve come from, the magical life you’ve always desired―but scarcely dared to dream―is possible. You’re not too old or too fucked (messed) up.


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Upcoming Classes/Events

  • Get the F*** honest with you
    Fri, 17 Jun
    Facebook live
    17 Jun, 08:00 – 07 Jul, 08:00
    Facebook live
    How many lies are you telling you about you , about your life, your wants, needs, desires! What is it you truly desire , do you know ? Have you been spending your life looking at others and thinking “ya that’s it that what I’m supposed to do and have” is any of this you ? Lets get the Fuck Honest
  • How to become money workbook
    10 Jul, 18:00 – 18 Aug, 19:00