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No matter what your past is, or where you’ve come from, the magical life you’ve always desired―but scarcely dared to dream―is possible. You’re not too old or messed up.

Will you choose it?


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  • 21 Days of Relaxation
    Fri, 13 Jan
    13 Jan, 07:30 – 29 Jan, 08:00
    Is now the time to discover the uniqueness of you and you body so that you can nurture you ....just how you would like to?
  • How To Become Money Workbook - 21 Days of Undoing the Program  (1)
    18 Jan, 18:00 GMT – 06 Feb, 18:00 GMT
    Undo the programs that limit your receiving and money flows so you are able to create the life you desire! The How to BECOME M$NEY Workbook provides simple steps to gaining clarity around money and how to start having MORE! How could you change the world if you had more money?
  • Clarity Night
    Thu, 02 Feb
    02 Feb, 19:30 – 20:45
    Clarity Night is to assist you in finding more clarity and clearing specific areas of your life using the tools of Access Consciousness.
  • Trusting You
    Mon, 06 Feb
    06 Feb, 07:30 GMT – 23 Feb, 07:30 GMT
    Pragmatic tools to begin trusting, choosing and creating what you truly desire. Are you ready for YOU?
  • Magic. You Are It. Be It Bookclub
    07 Feb, 18:30 GMT – 13 Feb, 18:30 GMT
    Sue will discuss processes, tools, and points of view from the book, Magic. You Are It. Be It. You can use these new insights to create consciousness and magic -and change your life in ways you may not even be able to imagine. What if everything you once imagined possible, actually is possible?
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with Sue


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